Team USAShort TrackSpeedskating

Justin Liu

2023 World Junior Championship (1 Bronze)

Athlete Bio


Basking Ridge, NJ

Justin began skating at 2 years old and speed skating at 4 but has a wide variety of interests, including playing the piano and trombone, playing tennis, skateboarding, and cooking. He has been the Class President of his high school for the past 3 years, focusing on expanding and addressing the issues of his community. He is actively involved in volunteer organizations directed towards human welfare such as Amnesty International, and aspires to work in public policy as a presidential advisor or the head of a humanitarian aid organization in the future. You'll never catch him without a bit of his optimism rubbing off on you, and his mantra is that "the greatest thing you can do is to put yourself in a position to help others."

2022-23 Junior World Championships - 3000m Relay Bronze; 1000m 10th

Career Highlights

  • 2022-23

    • 2022-23 Junior World Championships - 3000m Relay Bronze; 1000m 10th
    • World Cup 1 - 5000m 10th; 1000m 27th; 500m 28th
    • Short Track Development Skater of the Year
  • Age Group Nationals

    • Short Track Age Group National Champion (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

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