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Coaches teach athletes skills they need in order to improve and succeed in their particular sport. Those who become coaches are knowledgable and passionate about their sport, find instructing others highly rewarding, and get a great amount of satisfaction from seeing their skaters grow as athletes and individuals. And yes, seeing your athletes on top of a podium is really cool too. 
Having a USS certified coach at your club provides elevated credability and is needed for full insurance coverage.

  1. Log into your US membership profile
  2. Locate the 'Certification Application' section
  3. Select the appropriate certification and make payment
  4. After submitting, your application will enter a 'pending approval' state while USS reviews it.
  5. Once your application is approved, USS will send you a Dropbox link containing all the materials you need for your certification.
  6. You can begin working on the requirements outlined and upload the completed items in your USS membership profile under the 'Documents' section.
  7. Please note that items with an expiration date like First Aid, CPR/AED, PCA course need to be uploaded under 'Certifications'.
  8. For Level 1 certification, ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and uploaded within one year from the date of your application. Level 2 & 3 allow for two years.
  9. As you complete the requirements, your coaching certification status will change from 'action required' to 'current'

If you are uncertain about any missing items, you can click on the 'action required' button, and it will show you specific items you need to address.

Please keep in mind that Level 1 and 2 certifications can be completed through home study, while Level 3 certification requires course attendance.

Coaches must be at least 15 years of age to begin the certification process. You will be fully certified until after your 16th birthday.

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