Coaches Certification and Training

Fundamental Coach:

Is suitable for young skaters, parents and anyone who wants to get their feet wet in coaching. It will make you familiar with the basics of speedskating techniques and equipment.

Level 1 Coach:

As Level 1 Coach you will have the authority to run your club practices and ensure that they are covered by USS insurance. This certification equips you with knowledge in coaching philosophy, lesson planning, safety measures, technique and exercise physiology. You will be eligible to coach local and regional meets. The Level 1 coursework can be completed through a home study course with a mentor coach who holds a USS level 2 or higher certification.


Level 2 Coach:

Level 2 in US Speedskating builds upon Level 1, deepening your knowledge and skills. It qualifies you to coach at national-level competitions (i.e. Junior Championships, AmCups, Age Group Nationals) and is a prerequisite for Level 3. The coursework can be completed through a home study course with a mentor coach who holds a USS Level 2 or higher.


Level 3 Coach:

Level 3 certification in US Speedskating is designed for coaches working with skaters at AmCup, Junior World, or World Cup levels. The course combines home assignments with an in-person seminar, which is mandatory for certification. The seminar dates will be listed on the USS calendar, and a minimum of six participants is required. Attaining Level 3 certification showcases advanced coaching skills and qualifies you to coach at the hightest levels of competition.



 *Must be at least 16 years of age to become a fully certified USS coach.

Coaching Certification Levels and Requirements >>

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