Nick Pearson

Midway Goes to Inzell

by US Speedskating

Dedication, Inspiration, and Cultural Experience

Skaters of the Midway Speedskating Club travelled to a training camp in Inzell, Germany.

The goal of the Inzell camp was to provide young, aspiring athletes with an immersive experience that would introduce them to the culture of their sport in other countries and ignite their passion for speed skating. The camp was led by an experienced trio; Midway coach Steve Hartman, Assistant Coach Lisa Dahlin, and Midway Program Director Nick Pearson, and the camp's roster included talented skaters Caden Barber, Sam Chamberlain, Zach Jensen, Patrick Kosel, Eddie Nagel, Elena Stave, Elise Stave, and Keeley Whitcomb.

Throughout the camp, the skaters were asked to reflect on their favorite moments and the overwhelming response was the joy of stepping onto the ice in the heart of July. This only confirmed that the young athletes understood the camp's purpose and were embracing the opportunity to savor every moment on the ice.

Despite the camp's relatively short duration, spanning from July 6th to July 12th, its impact proved immeasurable. The invaluable experiences gained and lessons learned far outweighed the brevity of their stay. The camp achieved its goal, exposing the up-and-coming athletes to a world of possibilities and instilling in them the belief that success is possible if paired with unwavering commitment.

Inzell, host of last season's ISU Junior World Championships, served as the perfect backdrop for this remarkable endeavor, offering not only an ideal training environment but also a rich cultural tapestry. The skaters witnessed firsthand the fusion of athleticism, dedication and tradition that defines their sport in other countries.

As the camp came to a close, the young athletes' returned to their homes with the memories and motivation to shape their speed skating future. The Inzell camp proved to be an unparalleled investment for the participants. It unlocked a world of possibilities, revealing the path that lay ahead for these talented skaters. Their journey has just begun, and armed with newfound inspiration, they are prepared to put in the hard work and dedication required to make their dreams a reality.

Nick Pearson

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