We are proud to announce our newest national partner  We are proud to announce our newest national partner 

PCA & USS Partners to Train Coaches, Parents & Officials

by US Speedskating


Oakland, CA (July 12, 2022) – Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is proud to announce their newest national partner, US Speedskating (USS), the National Governing Body for speed skating dedicated to developing character, growing the sport and achieving international competitive success on ice. Inspired by and aligned with USS’s guiding values of unity, integrity, discipline, determination, character and self-efficacy, PCA looks forward to providing the USS community with quality training and resources for coaches, athletes, parents and officials. 

We believe that the youth sports experience is an amazing opportunity to teach social and emotional skills that will stay with kids long after their youth sports experience,” stated Jason Sacks, President of Positive Coaching Alliance. “We are thrilled to partner with US Speedskating and work together to deliver on the promise of what youth sports can be for coaches, athletes, parents and officials. In partnership with USS, we can provide an unmatched opportunity for a positive, youth development and character-building experience, focusing on mastery, healthy competition, fun, and the opportunity to learn life lessons through the sport of speed skating.

The partnership with PCA will provide the tools to our coaches, officials and parents to have a bigger and more positive impact on our athletes. Coaches are in a unique position to influence athletes for the rest of their lives. PCA’s training will be an important component of making sure our coaches are prepared to work with athletes in a positive way that sets them up for success beyond their speed skating careers.” - Ted Morris, Executive Director USS

Through this national partnership, PCA will provide USS coaches, parents and officials access to online training, which will be mandated in the USS coaching program.  Because every athlete deserves to be surrounded by trained coaches and volunteers who provide positive and safe experiences, USS has started off with a 3 year partnership commitment to have PCA’s online courses a part of the organizational framework. Beyond the training courses, PCA will provide USS content shares and resources to incorporate PCA tools into USS email newsletters and social media platforms on a monthly basis. 


From Pond to Podium, we are US Speedskating. We grow and nurture a sport where all ages can experience the thrill of speed and the camaraderie of the skating community. US Speedskating is responsible for the development of speed skating from grassroots to the highest elite racing programs. US Speedskating is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and the International Skating Union as the governing body for the sport of speed skating in the United States. The Organization has won 91 Olympic medals to-date, making it one of the most successful sports in U.S. Olympic history. US Speedskating is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 


PCA’s vision is to build a world where every child benefits from a positive youth sports experience with a coach who inspires them to become the best version of themselves in the game and in life. PCA trains coaches and partners with youth sports organizations, parents, sports leaders, and communities to make youth sports more positive, equitable, and accessible to all kids regardless of social or economic circumstances.

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