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World Junior Championships wraps up in Innsbruck, Austria

by US Speedskating

World Junior Championships took place January 28-30, 2022 in Innsbruck, Austria. The Team was composed of five women, and five men across multiple distances. 

The weekend kicked off with the Women’s and Men’s 500m, 1500m and Mass Start Semi Finals. The top finisher from the day was
Jonathan Tobon (Milwaukee, WI) in the 1500m where he crossed the line in 5th. In the 500m, Tobon finished in the top 20 taking 19th. Following Tobon in the 1500m was Auggie Herman (Roseville, MN) in 22nd, Dylan Woodbury (Park City, UT) in 23rd and Jersey Chytla (Saint Charles, Illinois) in 55th. In the 500m, Woodbury and Herman respectively finished 29th and 32nd, followed by Carl Tatelli (Highland Park, Illinois) in 46th.

On the women’s side,
Greta Myers led the way for the U.S. in the 1500m placing 11th, and in the 500m placing 16th. Behind Myers was Thalia Staehle (Seattle, Washington) in the 1500m where she crossed the line in 26th. Rounding out the roster for the 1500m was Lindsey Woodbury (Park City, UT) and Abigail Sorenson (Park City, UT) who placed 31st and 40th respectively. Woodbury also competed in the 500m placing 36th, while Piper Yde (Milwaukee, WI) followed close behind in 38th. 

Day two kicked off with the women’s 1000m event where Myers placed 18th in a time of (1.23,02), followed by Woodbury in 27th, Yde in 36th and Sorenson in 48th. On the men’s side, Tobon finished in the top 10 with a time of (1.13,32). He was followed by teammates Woodbury in 19th, Herman in 22nd and Tatelli in 47th. Rounding out day two of racing was the long distances with the women’s 3000m and men’s 5000m. Myers and Tobon ranked the highest for Team USA where Myers placed 16th with a time of (4.36,42) and Tobon in 12th with a (6.54,71(0)). Rounding out Team USA for the women was Staehle in 20th and Woodbury in 28th. For the men, Tobon was followed by Herman in 29th and Woodbury in 33rd.

After the conclusion of the distance events, allround points were tallied up and Jonathan Tobon finished 4th among the World's top Junior athletes! Also finishing in the top 10 for men was Herman in 10th. He was followed closely by Woodbury in 12th. For the women’s side, Greta Myers finished top 10 in 9th! Behind Myers was teammate Woodbury in 17th.

The final day of racing was full of team races with the Team Pursuit, Team Sprint and Mass Start events. The women’s Team Pursuit consisted of Lindsey Woodbury, Greta Myers and Thalia Staehle who came in 8th. Woodbury, Yde and Myers created the lineup for the Team Sprint, where they respectively placed 5th. The men’s squad of Dylan Woodbury, Jonathan Tobon and Auggie Herman was one placement shy of a podium coming in 4th with a time of (4.02,48). For the Team Sprint, Woodbury, Chytla and Herman placed 7th in (1.28,94). Closing out the weekend for the U.S. was the Women’s Mass Start Final where Staehle crossed the line in 13th. 

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