A Successful Weekend for Master Skaters in Lake Placid

by US Speedskating

32 Masters Skaters showed up this year for the 2022 Short Track Age Group Nationals in Lake Placid, NY from April 1-3.

One Master skater, Judy Smouter, broke three records in the 70+ Masters Women category, demolishing the previous 1500m time by 32 seconds! She would also go on to break the 500m and 1000m records.

Among the women, both Cherise Wilkins and Nathalie Rodrique-Hasselback swept their group races to grab gold in their respective divisions. Among the Men, Karl Hughes swept his three group races to secure his Gold medal spot, while Pat Wentland and JinSung Kim went two of three in each of their group races to secure the top podium spot in their respective divisions. Keith Wobeser fought hard and succeeded in holding off Wentland during the 1500m final. 

There were three Masters Skaters who qualified for the open 3000m Men's B Relay; Pat Wentland, Juice Ortiz, and JinSung Kim. Pat and Juice were teamed up on the Green Team with Marcello Gaus Ehning and Ishan Dixit. Jin was paired with younger skaters Matthew Voegeli, Rory O'brien, and Fredreick Sowa on the Red Team. The Green Team came in 2nd and Jin's Red Team finished in 3rd for the Men's Relay. Overall, the relay ages ranged from 13 years up to 55 years old!

Below are the men's and women's podium spots for each Masters Age Group:



  1. Mary Murphy


  1. Cherise Wilkins


  1. Necole Zayatz

  2. Laura Alexander

  3. Janet Spatz


  1. Sara Cushman


  1. Nathalie Rodrique-Hasselback

  2. Dace Goodwin


  1. Jennifer Kola

  2. Danica Stein


  1. Judy Smouter

  2. Carole Moore



  1. Orion Gatrell


  1. JinSung Kim

  2. Tim VanFleet

  3. Juice Ortiz


  1. Dmitriy Provod


  1. Keith Wobeser

  2. Eddie Kim

  3. Dan Butler


  1. Pat Wentland

  2. Dan Greene

  3.Jonathan Furminger


  1. Karl Hughes

  2. Clayton Adams


  1. Dave Pate

  2. Alan Cook


  1. Robert Allison

  2. Craig Pielechowski

  3. Peter Smokler

Throughout the U.S., many Masters skaters organize, coach, and develop our athletes at the grassroots level and without them, speed skating would be in a completely different state than it is today. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns from this past season, please contact
Sara Bowles or Marion Wohlrab, and INCLUDE solutions that could make a difference. If you need help brainstorming solutions/proposals, reach out to Juice at, or text 619-402-9221.

A special thank you goes out to Eddie Kim for his design that was used for a new USA Masters suit. 

Thank you for a great turnout Master skaters; we will see you all next season, and don’t forget to mark your calendars for Masters Games 2024 in Lombardy, Italy!

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