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The Pettit National Ice Center has Become a Talent Development Powerhouse

by US Speedskating

Teamwork takes a collaborative effort from a group of determined people to achieve a common goal. Over 20 determined individuals put their skills to the test to complete and achieve their goals in an effective and efficient way.

In the beginning of September, athletes and coaches from around the country did just that at the Pettit National Ice Center (PNIC), located in Milwaukee, WI.

“Our vision for fostering a culture of collaboration among the numerous PNIC based training platforms, groups, [and] clubs has become a reality,” rejoiced Regional Development Coordinator Dave Tamburrino.

Skaters from six different training groups based out of Wisconsin and Illinois, joined forces to hold an exciting and effective mass start training session. During this session, athletes were able to learn from one another, practice their new skills, and dial in their new learned technical skills. With this training session, it helped prepare the athletes for the upcoming competition season. The session also strengthened the relationships athletes had with one another, because they were all helping each other towards their skating goals.

The 20+ development athletes teamwork was on display like never before, filling the Pettit with lasting memories. This time was also the beginning of a new routine for the skaters, something they hope to do as often as possible.

Athletes were not the only people who came together to share tips and advice with one another; some coaches came to do the same.The athletes were joined by former speed skating athletes like Bonnie Blair Cruikshank, Steve Penland, Nancy Swider-Peltz Sr., Mike Witty, and Dr. Mike Woods to name a few. Each shared and exchanged their knowledge with each other and with skaters they wouldn’t normally get the chance to work with. 

The progress that The PNIC has started, has done nothing but gain speed over the last year, and it has been a sight to see! The Pettit set out to become a talent development powerhouse, and they have certainly worked towards accomplishing that goal.

After sharing the athlete development that is occurring and growing at The PNIC, Tamburrino's final thoughts were
“[a lot of] good stuff is happening in the 414 area code.”