Long Track Fall World Cup Qualifiers

by US Speedskating

This past weekend the Long Track Fall World Cup Qualifiers was filled with intense and tight racing at the Utah Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City, UT. 

The four-day competition started off with the first 500m for both the women and men, in addition to the Women’s 3000m and Men’s 5000m.
Erin Jackson (Ocala, FL.) kicked off her weekend by setting the fastest 500m time in the world this season, winning with a new personal best time of (37,08). The Men’s 500m followed with Cooper McLeod (Kirkland, WA.) winning with a personal best time of (34,73). “I was super excited going into the weekend! Everything felt like it was starting to come together technically and my summer training was starting to show in my strength so I was really confident in my races.” commented McLeod. “I was excited [that I set a personal best] in the 500m but knew I could make adjustments for the second [500m].” The long distance specialists were up next with Mia Manganello-Kilburg (Ocala, FL) taking home Gold in the Women’s 3000m with a time of (4.06,93). Following Manganello-Kilburg was Emery Lehman (Oak Park, IL), who won with a season best time of (6.18,56) in the Men’s 5000m. 

The second day consisted of the second 500m and the 1500m for both Men and Women. Erin Jackson mirrored her day one 500m by winning the second 500m with a time of (37,10). The Men’s 500m was won by
Jordan Stolz (Milwaukee, WI) in dramatic fashion by setting a new Junior World Record with a time of (34,52)! “I’m feeling pretty good, I wasn’t so sure how the race was going to go... but I got it together, so it went well!” recalled Stolz. Adding to the excitement Brittany Bowe (Ocala, FL) dominated the Women’s 1500m, setting a world best time of (1.52,55)! World best times kept coming as Joey Mantia (Ocala, FL) won the 1500m with a time of (1.42,49).

On the third day of competition the Men’s and Women’s 1000m, the Women’s 5000m and Men’s 10000m were held. Brittany Bowe kept her winning ways in the 1000m by posting yet another world best time of (1.12,72). In the Men’s 1000m Jordan Stolz added to his record breaking streak and set a Junior National Record to win with a time of (1.07,88)! The Women’s 5000m then took place where
Maria Lamb (St. Paul, MN) took first with the time of (7.10,77). Closing out the day of racing was Casey Dawson (Park City, UT). Dawson posted the winning time in the Men’s 10000m, and skated the second fastest time ever recorded by an American with a (12.59,70).

The final day of racing concluded with two mass starts for both the Men and Women. The winner was determined by an accumulation of points won throughout both mass starts. The Women’s overall winner was Mia Manganello-Kilburg, and Joey Mantia for the Men.

Complete results can be found