USS Announces ST & LT Masters Teams

We would like to recognize and congratulate our top performing masters from the previous season. For the first time, the US Speedskating and Masters Committee will be naming the USS LT & ST Masters Team as well as our MAT/MST I, II, & III Teams. To earn these honors, the qualifying athletes must rank within a certain percentage of USS masters at domestic competitions or among a certain percentage of masters at international competitions. In addition to achieving rank, masters must also meet strict time standards which are measured against the international masters community. The following athletes represent the highest achievers among USS masters. The 23/24 season’s qualifying procedures and timetables are published in the respective LT & ST Rules & Regulations document. We hope you join us for another competitive season! For more info on all things masters, please visit the new Masters Webpage.

USS Masters Team 

Short Track 

Eddie Kim

Gary Martin

Masters MST I

Keith Wobbler

Daniel Butler

Tim Van Fleet

Jason Lin

Masters MST II

Mary Murphy

Elise Griffiths

Sara Cushman

Melissa Koenig

Duree Brown

Daniel Greene

USS Masters Team 

Long Track 


Austin Carlson

Stephen Muir

Andrew Love

Dan Carney

Jeff Terwilliger

Matthew Trimble 

Bruce Conner

Vince Morris


Rebecca Simmons

Cherise Wilkins

Melissa Dahlmann

Mary Brophy Magnus

Barb Johnson

Judith Smouter

Masters Mat I

Nathalie Rodrigue-Hasselback

Jonathan Kuck

Tavis Trosen

Mark Yanagihara

Jens Johansson

Uel Archuletta

Bruce Anderson

Martin Hair 

Thomas Cole

John Diemont

Masters Mat II

Julie Gehring

Heidi Dahlmann

Nicole Zayatz

Kaari Cox

Kathy Feinberg

Joanna Walters

Joshua Krieter

Michael Burdekin

Orion Gatrell

Michael Hubbs

Chris Ord

Dan Weinstein

Jonathan Furminger

Theron Sands

Olusegun Sijuwade

Jeremy Kerslake

Nathan Feinberg

Mark Nolan

Gary Groen

Kate Stewart


Debbie Hoffman

Chase Vanderbilt

Jonathan Winter

Chris Chmura

Michael Jernquist