Exciting Two-Day Short Track Desert Classic Showcases International Talent and Skill Progression

A thrilling two-day Short Track Desert Classic brought together 128 talented skaters from various backgrounds and ages, demonstrating their prowess on the ice during 16 hours of intense racing. The event, which featured participants from 17 USS clubs and seven different countries, marked the successful culmination of the NEXT Gen and DEVO ST camp, and provided a platform for emerging skaters to showcase their newly refined skills in a competitive environment.

Skaters were divided into racing groups to ensure fair competition. The top groups engaged in races based on gender, while development skaters were organized into ability groups to promote balanced challenges and growth opportunities. Notably, a contingent of approximately 25 Canadian skaters traveled from Calgary to compete.

What made this competition particularly remarkable was the wide age range of participants, spanning from 8 to 68 years old. Despite the age differences, the event fostered a sense of inclusivity and camaraderie among the participants as they connected through their shared passion for the sport.

The competition featured an exciting segment where the combined E group engaged in races on the 85-meter track. The use of ability groups added an extra layer of excitement as skaters were challenged to overcome obstacles tailored to their skill levels in each round. This led to intense and captivating races, driving the participants to push their limits and deliver impressive performances.

The event's success allowed participants of all ages to unite in their love for the sport and was added to by the effectiveness of the NEXT Gen and DEVO ST camp, which nurtured young skaters to reach new heights. 

Preliminary results can be found here.

Thanks to our officials and volunteers and Meet Director/Organizers – LinLin Sun, LeeAnn Lio and Derek Parra. An additional thank you goes to all parents for their continued support of their child athletes!

Luv Can Photography US Speedskating Desert Classic 2023
(Photo by Luv Can Photography)