2024 North Shore Mid-Summer Speedskating Training Camp

Jul 12, 2024 - Jul 14, 2024 | ST Camp | Northbrook, IL, USA

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 JULY 12 

Dryland and 90 minutes of Ice 

JULY 13 

Visit to ISSI Human Performance Lab 

3 hours of Ice 


JULY 14 

Ice Bumper Cars 

90 minutes Ice 

Camp Locations: 

Glenview Community Ice Center, 1851 Landwehr Road Glenview IL 

Northbrook Sports Center, 1730 Pfingsten Road Northbrook IL 

Pettit National Ice Center, 500 S 84th Street Milwaukee WI 

IL Sports Science Institute, 191 Waukegan Road Suite 200, Northfield IL 

Camp is open to uss members, all ages and ability 


Email choucynthia@hotmail.com 

North Shore Academy Camp